Celebrating Valparaiso’s unique spirit, Casa Viva or “Living House” is sourced from the neighbouring Casablanca Valley, Chile’s first and foremost coastal cool climate winegrowing region.


It has a strong maritime influence, with cold weather and persistently foggy mornings. The significant difference between daytime and night time temperatures allows for a longer ripening process that results in tremendous balance between acidity and sugar levels
One of the world`s great “Cool Climate” regions.

The soils have granitic and alluvial origin; they are poor and not very deep. The water for irrigation is extracted from underground sheets of water. The grape production does not exceed 8,000 kg/ha in average.

Casa Viva

Viña Casa Viva was founded in 1993 in Chile’s Casablanca Valley. From its beginning, Viña Casa Viva has focused on the production and sale of premium wines, estate-grown and bottled on its own land in the Casablanca Valley. The winery is located in the middle of our vineyards in the Casablanca Valley.


The cellar current capacity is 1,450,000 liters in stainless steel tanks, with an additional barrel capacity of 225,000 liters.

The winery also has a bottling and labeling line with a capacity of 2,500 bottles per hour.

Winemakers Team


Meinard Bloem grew up in The Netherlands. He arrived to Chile in 1995 and decided to make wine and studied at the Universidad Católica in Santiago. After completing his degree he went to Montpellier and Geisenheim to obtain a Master’s Degree in Viticulture and Enology. Having worked several years at a small winery, he was ready for a bigger challenge in 2016 and joined Casa Viva as Chief Winemaker.

Alberto started his life in the midst of his family’s vineyards in the Veneto, Italy. He decided to study Marketing & Management in Venice, analyzing the wine industries of several New World countries. Not happy with the commercial side of the industry, he studied Viticulture & Enology at the University of Padova. After work experiences in Friuli, New Zealand, California and Chile, he settled in the latter country with his Argentine wife and his Italian-Argentine son.


We are certified by the Sustainability Code of the Chilean Wine Industry. Adhering to this code is principally a challenge to:

-Develop and make active an integrated management system to achieve a sustainable wine production.

-Safeguard the interactions of our workers inspired in a Code of Ethics.

-Improve the communication with our clients and suppliers, and the whole community.

-Evaluate and improve constantly our management and performance.

-Decrease impacts on the environment through different practices such as:

  • Responsible use of water
  • Integrated vineyard management
  • Thinning
  • Conservation and biodiversity
  • Waste management

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